A downloadable Flame's Rhythm for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Don't leave the fire die!

Follow the rhythm to avoid the wild creatures from extinguishing the fire. How long would you be able to keep the fire alive?

Flame's Rhythm is a rhythm game that uses dynamic music as it's core mechanic.

How to play:

 You only need a mouse to play.

  • To keep the fire burning, you must click the fire at the right time to follow the rhythm. 
  • You have different tools for each creature. Click the enemy with the right tool to drive them out following the rhythm

      Use the fan to keep the fire burning. 

 Use the sprayer to ward the jaguar off.

Use the slingshot to hit the giant octopus .

 Use the speaker to to scare the monkey away.



  •     Sayonara Wild Hearts

We took inspiration from the character’s art and the integration between music and gameplay .

Sayonara Wild Hearts

  • Alto’s Adventure
      In this case, we took the background and lightning as a reference  .

  • Coco

The creatures change their  appearance when the night falls. That look came from the animals of coco.

        Piloco Team


Ignacio Polo - InstagramTwitterArtstation

Marta Lara - Instagram /  TwitterArtstation  /  Linkedin


Jorge Escolá -  Linkedin


Fabio García Franco (Hotline.rs) 

datcarlito -  Youtube

Daniel Solla - Youtube


Irene Godoy - Twitter / Linkedin


Esperanza Barcia  - Twitter /  Linkedin

David Martín   - TwitterLinkedin

Ventura Pérez -  Intagram


Flame's Rythm x64 35 MB
Flame's Rythm x32 32 MB
Flame's Rythm MAC 35 MB
Flame's Rythm LINUX 38 MB

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